What are you holding within your energy system that needs cleaned out?

Sometimes, when the emotions of life seem too big to deal with, we bury those feelings deep within our energy system, in an attempt to avoid them. These buried feelings whether recent or long-held, create blocks in our energy system that can lead to pain, anxiety, depression, illness, emotional instability and fatigue.
They interfere with our relationships, career, finances and keep us from being our best self.
The good news is, you don’t have to relive these life traumas to clean them out of your energy system. Reiki is a gentle, effective way to release stored, neglected and, often times, feared emotions. Leaving your energy system flowing freely and efficiently.
Remember, when your energy system is healthy you attract more positive situations, like good health, positive relationships and good opportunities. So, why not schedule a spring cleaning for your energy system? You will be glad you did.
Reiki Blessings,

If you don’t believe me ask Albert!

It’s Allergy Season!

There are many natural solutions to the irritating effects of allergies. So, before you load up on over the counter treatments try these alternatives.
Eliminate irritants that tax your immune system. The chemicals in common cleaning products, air fresheners, candles, soaps, lotions and perfumes are all creating a toxic build up and pushing your immune system into overdrive, thus overworking your energy system. The use of antibacterial and antimicrobial products lead to increased risk of food and airborne allergies and even asthma, eczema and psoriasis.
Strength your immune system with nutritional supplements that are powered by a good mineral delivery system.
Reiki can reduce the symptoms of allergies by strengthening your energy system, so your bodies natural immune system can work effectively.

Announcements and Events

There are a lot of exciting events happening at
Visions Reiki. I hope you can join us!


Thursdays, April 12 and May 10
7:00 pm at Visions Reiki
(This event is held the second Thursday of each month)
Please join us in sharing and experiencing the powerful energy of Reiki.
All levels of practitioners and non-practitioners are welcome.
This is an informal gathering where participants share in the giving and receiving of Reiki energy. We start with an opening meditation to connect our energies and place our intentions, move on to sharing the healing, then end with sending distant Reiki to the loving souls whose names we put in our Reiki bowl.
Donations from the heart are accepted



Saturday, April 21st
10:00 to 4:00 at Visions Reiki
This is the first step to healing with Reiki.
This workshop is designed to provide an introduction to the energy system, explain what Reiki is and how it works, and to provide training and attunements for self-healing and healing others using the Usui method of Reiki. Participants will be coached in self Reiki and Reiki on others in this workshop.


Saturday, May 19th
10:00-4:00 at Visions Reiki
A continuation of Reiki I
This workshop will provide education, training and attunements for second degree Reiki; including, reiki symbols, distant healing, karmic healing, ethics of Reiki, and connecting with your spirit guides. Participants in this workshop will receive the requirements to achieve a Reiki II practitioner status.

 If you know you aren’t being your best self but don’t know how to get there, it’s time to work on your energy system.
An Introduction to Reiki
explains what Reiki is, how it works and its effects on your energy system to create balance and well-being in all aspects of your life; mind, body and soul.
Wednesday, May 30th at 7 p.m.
Bethel Park Public Library
Please register at the front desk or call the Library at 412.835.2207

Soul Spa: Summer Evening Mini-Retreat

Saturday, July 21, 2018
3:00 PM 10:00 PM
Visions Reiki, McMurray, PA 15317

Treat yourself to the ultimate spa ~ a soul spa!
Join us for a day with all your favorite spiritual practices. We will start the day off with inspiring talks and wind it up with a rotational session of indulgences for your soul ~ make your own schedule of Reiki and Acupuncture treatments, a QiGong energy work out, meditation and pick your personal Intuition truth card for the day.


  • 3PM: Arrival & Registration
  • 3:30PM-5PM: Soul Talks
    • Welcome + Intention Setting
    • Opening Meditation
  • 4:00: Discover + Live Your Truth with Intuition
  • 4:30: TBD
  • 5PM: Vegetarian-Friendly Meal
  • 6-9: Spa Sessions
    • Qi-Gong and Meditation with Susan Amorose, Doctor of Medical QiGong
    • Reiki with Wendy Borne, Visions Reiki
    • Intuition Truth Sessions with Author, Kim Chestney
    • Mini-Acupuncture Sessions with Brandy Maupin, Murrysville Acupuncture
    • Personal Wellness Consultation with Jennifer Ohrman
    • Vibrational Harp Healing Mini-Sessions with Stephanie Miller
  • 9PM: Fireside Drum Circle + Afterparty

Investment: $99, includes all practitioner sessions and vegetarian-friendly dinner
BYOB for fireside after party and drum circle
This event occurs at a private residence with limited capacity, and is expected to sell out. Early registration recommended.