What is Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful, yet simple system of healing that stimulates the body’s own healing process. It is a holistic approach to promoting balance and well being within our energy systems. To the Reiki practitioner illness, whether physical, mental or emotional, is caused by a disharmony of energy, or a blockage in the energy centers called chakras. Our Life Force Energy flows from these centers and through our bodies creating a balanced healthy whole. These Centers become blocked for many reasons including stress, toxins, poor diet, illness and injury. As practitioners we use Reiki to dissolve blocks and allow the body to re-acquire homeostasis; the state of balance in which our bodies heal themselves.


What is Reiki

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive system of energy healing that stimulates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing through the channeling of Life Force Energy.


How Does Reiki Work?

During a Reiki treatment, Ki (Life Force Energy) is channeled through your energy system removing blocks and imbalances and increasing your vibrational frequency leaving your body, mind and spirit relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.


Who should get Reiki?

Everyone! We all have an energy system. When our energy system is weak or unhealthy it leaves us vulnerable to illness, stress, trauma, addiction, weight issues and much more. Even if you are feeling good it is important to take care of your energy system so you can stay that way.


What is Reiki Good For?

People seek Reiki treatments for many reasons. When you understand that all dis-ease, dis-function and discord comes from an imbalance or block in your energy system then it just makes sense that if you balance your energy flow everything else will fall into place.


Is Reiki associated with any religion?

No. Reiki comes from the Source of all Life. This Source has been given many names by various religions. But, the practice of Reiki does not adhere to any one of them. It just IS.


Is Reiki ever harmful or contraindicated?

No. Reiki can do no harm and is a wonderful, non-invasive adjunct to other holistic and allopathic treatments.

Maintaining Balance Beyond Your Session

Living a healthy lifestyle is an important component of maintaining a balanced energy system.

Reiki is a powerful tool for healing. By removing blocks and adjusting our energy systems vibrational frequency Reiki helps us to achieve the balance we all need to feel joy, peace, love, good health and abundance in our lives. Living a healthy life style is an important component of maintaining a balanced energy system. But, when the Reiki session is over how do we maintain that good feeling? It’s not as hard as you may believe. Here are a few simple tips.


Quality Sleep

Allow for quality sleep by going off the grid one hour before bed time. Bright lights, computer screens and TV screens decrease melatonin levels and increase brain activity. Allow for 7-8 hours of sleep.

Drink plenty of water

The rule of thumb is drinking half your body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds drink 75 oz of pure water per day.

Your body needs to Move!

A healthy and practical exercise program is important to prevent your energy system from becoming sluggish.

Eat healthy and clean

Clean and organic foods naturally fuel our energy systems. Processed foods, sugars and gluten gunk up our energy system leading to blocks and imbalance.

Remove Toxins

We live in a toxic environment. There are toxins in our food, our water, our personal care and cleaning products. These toxins deplete our energy systems, leaving us feeling sluggish, stuck and unhealthy. I recommend Melaleuca: The Wellness Company. Ask for more details.

Reiki is the art of natural healing, not the practice of medicine. It is intended to compliment and supplement allopathic medicine not to substitute professional medical care and treatment.