And congratulations on taking the first step to self empowerment. I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your Reiki journey.

I received my Reiki Master Degree in 2004. Through the years I have experienced the wonderful power of Reiki. And, what I have discovered is that the Reiki principles I vowed to uphold at my Reiki attunements have blessed me in every area of my life. I am grateful and honored to share the gifts of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing with you, as you establish a balanced and strengthened energy foundation through the practice of Reiki.

As a spiritual medium I trained under the direction of Rev. ChiChi Rivera. This specialized training further opened me to communication with spirit as well as the Reiki energy.

With a passion for helping my clients break through energy blocks that leave them feeling stuck, limiting their beliefs and draining their energy I use these two powerful tools of Reiki and Mediumship to help them honor their true self, stand in their own power and reclaim the life they know they were born to.

As an advocate of Reiki and the Reiki way of life I am dedicated to sharing the possibilities offered through a healthy and balanced energy system. Through workshops and speaking engagements I hope to educate a diverse assemblage of groups to the benefits of understanding their energy system and the power of energy healing.

Clients and students of Visions Reiki and Mediumship are seeking holistic alternatives to creating or increasing peace, joy, love, good health and abundance in their lives. They understand or are open to exploring the role of their energy system as a foundation for balance and well-being. And they understand that healing is a process that they are ready to explore or commit to.

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